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Our Story

I am a Mom of two littles here in the city of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. My daughter is 2 and my son is 6 months. My love and passion for kid's fashion started well before my girl was born. I was born in Calgary but raised for a good portion of my childhood in Nanaimo, a small city on Vancouver Island on the West Coast of Canada. There was when I fell in love with the ocean and forests that surrounded where I played when I was young. That followed me into adulthood. I still love to be edgy and raw in my own fashion but also comfortable and cozy.This of course branches out for me into my children's wardrobes. Its so fun to dress your littles in similar styles that look good together. Our kids are only little for a short time so why not have them looking good and feeling confidant. 


My website and company is curated specifically for modern families with any lifestyle. I strive to collect brands that are kind to our economy and that don't leave a negative impression on our planet. I am a female who wants to empower other women. The more support a Mother has, the better they can raise their kids. A few weeks after I has my daughter Aspen I found myself in a deep case of post partum depression & anxiety. I share this with you because its not as often talked about as it should be. I lived in the North end of the city in 2018 and the only solace I could find was when I would leave my house to visit the local baby store. In one way it was large and overwhelming but in others it was pleasantly distracting and really lifted my spirits. It was a place to come and unwind, show off my new baby and just relax in an ocean of like-minded women. Whether you have children or not, my shop is a a place where all women can come and just be. Sit down, relax, have a coffee, put your feet up. I am here for you and State Baby & Kids is a place online or (soon to be) in person where you can come and just be yourself. My shop is a non-judgement zone.

My store is also here to fill a big gap here in Calgary. Once my daughter turned 2 years old I found that the two local higher end clothing stores for babes stopped carrying any clothes above the size 2T. I found that my friends and I were only able to find big enough sizes online and nowhere in person locally. So I thought... "hmmm I need to make a space for people to shop for kids older than 2!" So here we are! Not only do we carry newborn all the way to 12 years old but you can often find a matching top for Mama. You don't have to go to 3 different stores to find high quality, affordable clothing anymore, bring the whole family, bring your dog and come and unwind at State Baby & Kids.

I hope I get to see you soon xoxoxoxo


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